Discover Deep Cove by Kayak

deep cove kayaksWhere: Deep Cove in North Vancouver
How much: Prices listed below
Why: Enjoy a summer day on the water
Website: Deep Cove Kayaks

Not only is Deep Cove a beautiful and quaint community in North Vancouver, but it is also one of the best places to try kayaking in Vancouver. The water is calm because the area is naturally sheltered from strong winds and waves. It is a nice change from the strong currents found in the Stanley Park area.

Kayaking is fun and a good workout for your arms. Also, if you are feeling lazy and just want to enjoy the scenery, just rent a two-person kayak. Usually only one person needs to paddle at a time (if you don’t mind going slow) while the other passenger rests. It also helps to sit in the back, usually the person at the front will be too busy paddling or looking around to notice your lack of effort.

If you have never tried kayaking before, there is not much to learn. Rent a boat, get a paddle, and get pushed into the ocean. It is quite difficult to tip over a large ocean kayak, so don’t worry about that. The only way to get wet is by being splashed by your friends. The only rental shop that I am aware of is Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak. They offer a wide selection of kayaks and canoes and the prices are normal.

Deep Cove by itself is a cool location to spend the day after or before kayaking. It is a small seaside village that has good hikes, walks, and beaches. There are a few good boutiques and lots of food options. A popular destination is Honey’s donuts, which is known for the soft and delicious donuts offered.

Go kayaking, or just spend some time in Deep Cove on a sunny day and you won’t be disappointed. It is not difficult to find, take the Second Narrows bridge over to North Vancouver and take the Dollarton Highway or Mount Seymour exit. This is the second exit after getting off the bridge. You should pass a large Canadian Superstore, and then continue driving down Dollarton Highway or Mount Seymour Parkway until you reach the end. Alternately, you can take the #212 or #211 Deep Cove buses from Phibbs Exchange in North Vancouver. They are short trips and the buses come regularly.

The single kayak prices are the same prices as renting a canoe.