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Tutor Doctor North Shore Joins Facebook

We are pleased to announce the Tutor Doctor North Shore Facebook fan page.  We want to provide a safe, online community for parents, students, teachers and tutors on the North Shore and in Burnaby and Vancouver.

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DirectCPV at AdTech San Francisco 2010

DirectCPV Advertising Network booth at AdTech San Francisco 2010Ad Tech took San Francisco by storm from April 19 to 21st as advertisers, agencies, affiliates and networks mingled together at the Moscone Convention Center. This year’s show proved to be extremely valuable with a variety of information sessions, business connections and networking opportunities. To say that it was simply a success would be an understatement!

The exhibition hall was the place to be during AdTech with over 10,000 affiliates, advertisers, networks and other industry professionals keen to learn, network and do business together. We were really happy with the amount of visitors that the DirectCPV booth received; it was fun meeting advertisers and engaging in great conversations in a personal manner. A lot more advertisers got to know about cost per view CPV internet advertising and were very excited about our marketing tools and referral contest.

Over the two day period, tons of advertisers and online marketers dropped off their business cards in hopes of winning the FREE APPLE IPAD being given away at the DirectCPV booth. The winner was chosen on Thursday afternoon; congratulations go again to Christi Cameron of Affiliate.com who walked away with a smile on her face and a brand new apple iPad in her hands! Watch the video of the lucky winner in the DirectCPV video gallery.

After working all day at the exhibition, it was exciting to let loose at night with all our fellow advertisers and affiliates. On Thursday night, we were able to attend the VIP Mix + Mingle Event, the most popular party in town. The event was held at Manor West, one of the hottest nightclubs in San Francisco and was an amazing finale for the previous two days of exhibiting at Ad Tech.

DirectCPV would like to extend a huge thank you to our existing clients, partners and those who happened to take the time to drop by our booth at this year’s show. The amount of positive feedback was amazing! If you missed us at AdTech San Francisco, feel free to schedule a meeting or visit us at the next event.

To see more photos from the event, check out the AdTech San Francisco 2010 photo gallery.

The Choice Between Nursing Home or Live In for Alzheimer’s Patient Care

Many families are faced with the difficult choice of deciding between a nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care. Placing a loved one in a care facility can be hard, but caring for a person with Alzheimer’s can be just as complicated. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision on choosing between nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care.

Nursing Home or Live In for Alzheimer”s Patient Care“When choosing a facility, ask many questions. These can include “Why are you better than other facilities” and if it is “dementia-capable” or “dementia-specific.”

Alzheimer’s is a common disease associated with low levels of a chemical called acetylcholine in the brain. While there is still no cure for the disease, various prescription drugs such as Aricept and Exelon have been produced to help improve thinking and memory in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Before deciding between a nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care, family members must take into account the severity of the disease and their ability to deal with the effects of Alzheimer’s on their own. Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can be tiring, time-consuming and difficult. If the caregiver is unable to rest, has no family or outside support or is aging or physically declining themselves, retirement home placement may be necessary. If the patient wanders, is combative, abusive or difficult to care for, a stronger support system is necessary.

At the point when an Alzheimer’s patient is no longer able to live independently, be rest assured that there are many options available whether it is a nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care. When choosing a facility, ask many questions. These can include “Why are you a good facility”, “what makes you better than other facilities” and if it is “dementia-capable” or “dementia-specific”. Staff members should be able to tell you the level of care they are able to provide, how much training they have received and their approach for caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. There are a few different kinds of facilities to choose from, they include:

Retirement Communities: These are made up of a group of buildings with separate areas that can provide different levels of care. These communities are created to let residents “age in place” and remain comfortable in their surroundings. As the Alzheimer’s disease progresses, residents can receive the full care they need without the trauma and discomfort of moving to a different facility.

Congregate Housing: This housing is typically federally funded and allows residents to live with a group of other seniors in an apartment complex. Twenty-four hour assistance is available and can be tailored for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Group meals, social activities and housekeeping are usually included.

Nursing Homes: The choice between a nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care should be clear when the sufferer can no longer function. Nursing homes provide services for patients who need daily medical care. Facilities can include physical therapy, rehabilitation, and pharmacy service. A nursing home is best for Alzheimer’s patients who cannot eat, bathe, or go to the bathroom on their own, and who may wander off while not being watched.

For more information on making an informed decision between a nursing home or live in for Alzheimer’s patient care, visit http://www.orderonlinedrugs.com