What’s New at Tutor Doctor North Shore – April Newsletter

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Tutor Doctor North Shore Joins Facebook

We are pleased to announce the Tutor Doctor North Shore Facebook fan page.  We want to provide a safe, online community for parents, students, teachers and tutors on the North Shore and in Burnaby and Vancouver.

Please become a fan and “like” us on Facebook, so you will be kept up to date with weekly announcements, study tips, educational discussion boards and much more.

Best of all, when you join the Tutor Doctor Facebook community you will automatically be entered to win an entire year of FREE tutoring!

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Refer a Friend

Know someone who can use our help? Spread the word of Tutor Doctor North Shore and if any of your referrals signs up for tutoring, we will send you a $25 gift certificate in appreciation.

Don’t forget, we offer a free consultation and in-home student assessment for all new families interested in Tutor Doctor North Shore.

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I Want to Make you BEAUTIFUL! – Professional Make Up Artist Providing Mobile Makeovers

Is it time for a makeover?!

If you are getting married, posing for a photo shoot, planning a fancy night out, going to the prom, or are just looking for a fresh face of makeup, I’ve got you covered!

I am a professionally certified makeup artist providing makeup service anywhere in Vancouver, Canada. I have been working as a makeup artist for 12 years and I have experience in all types of makeup.

Unlike other makeup artists, I am also able to set up mobile hair and makeup packages, bringing the glamour to you! I can work with your own makeup and mine to customize a fresh, new look for your face.

I also provide complete makeup service for any event including:

  • Wedding and bridal parties
  • Engagement photos
  • Family photos
  • Maternity
  • Photo shoots
  • Head shots
  • Proms/Graduation – Semi formal or formal
  • Special occasions
  • Commercial
  • Advertisement

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me, give me a call at (XXX-XXXX) or check out my business page at (http://XXX.com).

Making the world beautiful, one face at a time:
Kym Davidson

Trends in The Online Advertising Industry: Social Media Advertising

every social media website logo
“Social media and social networking have become incredibly important to the online advertising industry. Experts have revealed that social media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web”

The online advertising industry has changed dramatically and many advertisers are wondering what these online trends in the advertising industry will bring about. Most noticeable, social media has launched itself into the forefront of internet PPC advertising and contextual targeted advertising.

If your online business is looking to utilize the online advertising industry, which type of social media should you invest your time in?

  1. “I want networking tools in order to create new business leads and to locate new employees.” Sign up for LinkedIn or Facebook.
  2. “I want to be aware of and be able to respond to what the public is saying about my products.” Sign up for Amazon, Digg, Reddit, Youtube and StumbleUpon.
  3. “I need different channels to place our content and build more traffic to my company.” Sign up for Digg, Youtube, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.
  4. “I have strong opinions about my business and I want to raise awareness.” You should create a blog and utilize Twitter.

The top ranking social media sites include Facebook and Twitter. Here are some interesting stats that can help ad targeting in the online advertising industry:

Facebook online trends:

  1. Around 70% of Facebook users live outside of the U.S. and the site is available in over 70 different languages for targeting international customers.
  2. 400 million people log into their Facebook profile at least once every month, 50% of these people are on the site every day.
  3. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in America.
  4. Advertisers can use profile information to market specifically to certain users.

Twitter online trends:

  1. Twitter has a user retention rate of 40%
  2. Most tweets are Babble, Conversational, or Pass Along Value (Retweets)
  3. The most popular time to tweet is from 4PM to 10Pm Eastern Standard Time
  4. There is an equal population of male and female members of Twitter.
  5. The highest demographic for Twitter is people aged 18 to 34.

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