Discover Deep Cove by Kayak

deep cove kayaksWhere: Deep Cove in North Vancouver
How much: Prices listed below
Why: Enjoy a summer day on the water
Website: Deep Cove Kayaks

Not only is Deep Cove a beautiful and quaint community in North Vancouver, but it is also one of the best places to try kayaking in Vancouver. The water is calm because the area is naturally sheltered from strong winds and waves. It is a nice change from the strong currents found in the Stanley Park area.

Kayaking is fun and a good workout for your arms. Also, if you are feeling lazy and just want to enjoy the scenery, just rent a two-person kayak. Usually only one person needs to paddle at a time (if you don’t mind going slow) while the other passenger rests. It also helps to sit in the back, usually the person at the front will be too busy paddling or looking around to notice your lack of effort.

If you have never tried kayaking before, there is not much to learn. Rent a boat, get a paddle, and get pushed into the ocean. It is quite difficult to tip over a large ocean kayak, so don’t worry about that. The only way to get wet is by being splashed by your friends. The only rental shop that I am aware of is Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak. They offer a wide selection of kayaks and canoes and the prices are normal.

Deep Cove by itself is a cool location to spend the day after or before kayaking. It is a small seaside village that has good hikes, walks, and beaches. There are a few good boutiques and lots of food options. A popular destination is Honey’s donuts, which is known for the soft and delicious donuts offered.

Go kayaking, or just spend some time in Deep Cove on a sunny day and you won’t be disappointed. It is not difficult to find, take the Second Narrows bridge over to North Vancouver and take the Dollarton Highway or Mount Seymour exit. This is the second exit after getting off the bridge. You should pass a large Canadian Superstore, and then continue driving down Dollarton Highway or Mount Seymour Parkway until you reach the end. Alternately, you can take the #212 or #211 Deep Cove buses from Phibbs Exchange in North Vancouver. They are short trips and the buses come regularly.

The single kayak prices are the same prices as renting a canoe.


How To Embrace a Tighter Budget Lifestyle

If you are having some trouble embracing a new budget lifestyle and trying to focus on creating a budget for yourself, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind.

1. Recognize needs and wants. Make two lists of items that can be classified as an essential or a luxury. Determine which of these items brings you the most happiness, regardless of essential or luxury. When you have this list done, consider your budget. Use these lists to scale back your life: should you move to a cheaper area? Rent a room out? Take fewer vacations? Sell expensive, unwanted antiques? Grow your own food? Try to prioritize your wants and needs, but don’t limit yourself completely.

2. Shop second-hand. It’s astounding how spare cash can begin to add up. Instead of spending all your money on new furniture, shop around for slightly-used items. Use websites, secondhand stores, or garage sales. Not only will you be able to find great deals, you may find some unique and one-of-a-kind items.

3. Do more things yourself. Instead of hiring a maid, do a little extra cleaning yourself. If you have a gardener, give him a break and work out your green thumb and learn how to do new things. You may even discover a new hobby such as furniture making!

Great Garden Growing Ideas: Growing Strawberries Using Tires

Here’s a great new idea for recycling your old car tires, why don’t you try growing strawberries using tires? Preparing and growing strawberries using tires is actually quite easy and will provide an inexpensive and unique addition to any garden.

In order to start growing strawberries using tires, place the rubber tire in the desired location in your yard. Choose an area that receives a good amount of sun.

You will then need to fill three quarters of the bottom of the tire with plastic bottles. This helps to create drainage, filler and base for the strawberries.

Cover the plastic bottles with a landscaping film or trash bag in order to have a liner for the dirt or soil. Fill the tire up with enough soil so that it fills up to the rim of the tire.

Plant the strawberries in the soil by digging holes 3 inches deep and 3 inches apart. Growing strawberries using tires is no different from any other garden planter.

Growing strawberries using tires is actually much safer than using treated lumber. The zinc that can be found in old tires is an essential plant element. Tires are also incredibly durable, meaning that they will never rot away or disintegrate. Your tire strawberry planter will look great and last for many years to come!

How to Find Cheap, Fashionable, and Functional Teen Clothing

Teenagers can be incredibly expensive, especially when they are concerned with buying the latest designer brand name clothing. Fortunately for parents, cheap teen clothes are becoming readily available as fashion trends are starting to focus on cheaper options thanks to the bad economy.

Here are some great ideas for finding cheap teen clothes that are still trendy and look great:

cheap teen clothes1. Thrift Stores: While many teenagers may turn their nose up at the idea of thrift stores, all it takes is one introductory visit to make them realize what they have been missing. If your teenager loves to shop, they can spend hours in a thrift store finding cheap teen clothes. At thrift stores, teens can find virtually any kind of clothing item at a fraction of the price of regular department stores.

2. Retro clothing: A great part about style is that it typically comes back eventually. Maybe you have started to notice the 80s neon colors, or the 60s bell bottoms? Buying retro clothing is a great option for cheap teen clothes, and you may even be able to bring back some of your own old outfits!

cheap teen clothes3. Outlet stores: Most outlet stores have great bargains on cheap teen clothes and designer apparel. These stores sell “flawed” merchandise that is only missing a stitch or an easy-to-replace button. The bargains you can find are worth the small, unnoticeable flaws on any of these items.

It’s easy to find cheap teen clothes that will still keep your teenager fashionable. If you teach your teen how to shop for bargains at an early age, their spending habits will stay the same. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to stay fashionable.

Find plus Size Clothing That is Affordable and Fashionable

plus size clothingFinding plus size clothing that actually looks good on your body can be difficult. However, now that more woman in the United States are considered plus-sized, more options are available for plus size clothing that is affordable while still fashionable.

Plus size fashion and designer clothes do exist, you just need to know where to look. If you are having trouble finding plus size clothing that flatters your body, try checking out online stores or plus-sized specialty shops.

Where to start looking online:

If you are interested in purchasing plus size clothing online, you have access to multiple websites that cater specifically to your needs. Here are some good websites to visit:

  1. Already a well-known and respected plus size clothing fashion store, Lane Bryant is the perfect web store to buy clothing of any style at any price. There are also often sales and special discounts available.
  2. Carries plus size clothing from size 14 to 32 in both casual and work casual styles with a small selection of semi-formal clothing and accessories. The site also features a clearance section with regular sales and discounts available.
  3. Torrid fashion is aimed at younger plus-sized women and teens, providing a youthful look that will appeal to most consumers.

Where to start looking at the mall:

Plus size clothing is more readily available at stores such as JCPenney, Dress Barn, Sears and Dillards. All of these stores now have a much larger selection of fashionable and affordable plus size clothing. Shop around your other favourite stores to see if they carry plus-size clothing, and when you find something that fits and flatters your body, you will realize the search was well worth it.

Inspiration from Japanese Pop Culture and Street Fashion

Japanese pop culture and street fashion has evolved by taking aspects of Western culture and creating something new by adopting a mixture of current and common trends. Most clothes are home-made and reflect a unique personal style that breaks away from the traditional conservative Japanese culture.

Japanese pop culture and street fashion has shown up in China, Korea and Taiwan but has also begun to have a particular influence on the West Coast of the United States. This is particularly apparent in the hip-hop culture and with the playful usage of bright colors and cartoonish patterns atop a plain white background.japanese pop culture and street fashion

Rei Kawakubo, who plays a major role in Japanese pop culture and street fashion, has also recently been featured as a guest designer for Louis Vuitton and H&M which have both experienced commercial success.

Draw inspiration from Japanese pop culture and street fashion for your next shopping spree with these styles in mind:

– Lolita is one of the most recognized clothing styles that brings “cute” to Japanese pop culture and street fashion.

– Gothic Lolita draws from Eastern and Victorian Goth style with dark colors, bats, spiders, crosses and other gothic imagery. Knee-length skirts are worn with petticoats, blouses or shirts with lace or ruffles, and knee length socks with boots, brooches, and a parasol are other essential elements of the Gothic Lolita style.

– Ganguro first became popular among Japanese females in the 2000s and features bright colors, miniskirts, and tie-dyed sarongs. The style also includes bleached hair, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, a dark tan, platform shoes, and other accessories.japanese pop culture and street fashion

– Kogal is reminiscent of a high school uniform but with modifications that include a shorter skirt, loose socks and other basic alterations.

– Visual Kei: Prominent makeup, unusual hair, and flamboyant costumes make up this style of Japanese pop culture and street fashion. Visual Kei also has an element of androgyny in the style visually.

– Cosplay: Short for “costume roleplay”, Cosplay is a form of performance fashion art that includes costumes and accessories based on a specific idea or character.

Many other different elements of Japanese pop culture and street fashion styles are emerging daily and it is beginning to gain interest worldwide. Here are some more examples of the great Japanese style:

japanese pop culture and street fashionjapanese pop culture and street fashionjapanese pop culture and street fashion

Penny Stocks 101

penny stocks 101The name sounds simple, stocks that you buy for a penny. But penny stocks are a valuable investment if you know what you are doing. Many new investors playing the stock market are tricked into the appeal of penny stocks because of the low price and a promised potential for quick growth. Unfortunately, major losses can happen and many penny stocks have been known to lose their value over a long term period. The SEC has warned that penny stocks are high risk investments and chance of price skyrocketing or bottoming out quickly makes them increasingly difficult to select with confidence.

However, with understanding and the right choice, big money may be made. This article will outline the initial information about penny stock tips, and future blogs will bring more information and penny stock tips.

The first step in the process of investing in penny stocks is to open a broker account. Once this is done, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a financial adviser. A financial adviser can aid in the recommendation of which penny stocks to avoid and which to invest in. Advisers can provide you with budget and investment advice, but don’t rely on them solely. Do your own research and find out as much information about the company and the stocks you are planning to invest in.

Only with this research will you be able to understand which companies are best to invest in and when the best time to buy and sell will be. It may take years to understand the fine art of penny stock investments, but the rewards will be great.

One important thing to be careful about with penny stocks is scamming. Like other stock markets, there are scammers who try to control or change stock prices. Be wary about people who make promises or promote “get rich quick” schemes. Try to put your blinders on and avoid the lure that comes from the get rich quick promise. With the right advice, research and diligence you will be well on your way to enjoy penny stocks.