hire carrie leslieCarrie S. Leslie graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a passion for writing. She has travelled the world and has learned a lot about life from visiting South America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and more.

She has valuable experience writing blog articles, social media updates, online content, promotional press releases, newsletters and more for the following websites:

www. biggestlocal.com
and more…

Past employers have all commented positively on her work:

“[Carrie] is a very hard worker who can work both independently and as a part of a team. She was always prompt for work and flexible in her working hours… to ensure each job gets completed in a timely fashion”
– Darlene Maser, HR Manager, Sytek Enterprises Inc.

“Carrie has a number of strengths to offer any potential employer starting with her out-going personality and high level of work ethics. She is a team player with a professional demeanor who creates a pleasant environment to work with.”
– Majid Salehi, Bakery Dept. Head, IGA

“I found Carrie to be an extremely fast learner and very easy to get along with. She was reliable, dependable and had a good work ethic. She would be an asset to any company and I would not hesitate in re-hiring her.”
– Carolyn Diack, Photo Lab Manager, Save on Foods

“Carrie is a responsible and mature individual who is also respectful and helpful in the work environment. She is always punctual and able to be flexible and creative in difficult situations.”
– Tony Barmachi, Manager, ULC Canada

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