Why Advertise with InText?

Reach Untapped Inventory

InText advertising isn’t as widespread as conventional advertising methods, so visitors are always wondering “What’s behind the double line?” With the explosion of blog and content related web sites, there’s no reason why advertisers shouldn’t start testing this new advertising medium.

Highly Targeted Contextual Traffic

Unlike our competitors, we use Semantic Technology to read the content on a web site and select the most relevant keywords. When a visitor sees your ad, you know that you will be receiving a qualified visitor because your ad was initiated by someone interested in learning more about a particular keyword.

Pay for Clicks, not Impressions

If we don’t send the visitor to your web site, we don’t want your money. Why pay for traffic if people don’t ever see your web site?
Advertisers will only be charged when your ad receives a qualified click.

Anti-Fraud Technology

Advertisers will never have to worry about fake, bot, automated or low quality clicks. We’ve partnered up with Clickforensics.com to screen out all the low quality traffic. We update our databases daily for suspicious sites with known bad IPs to ensure that advertisers are receiving the highest converting traffic.

Conversion Tracking

Track your sales or leads using a conversion tracking pixel. Advertisers will be able to find out what their effective CPA or CPL is in real time to sees if they are hitting their goals.


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