Great Garden Growing Ideas: Growing Strawberries Using Tires

Here’s a great new idea for recycling your old car tires, why don’t you try growing strawberries using tires? Preparing and growing strawberries using tires is actually quite easy and will provide an inexpensive and unique addition to any garden.

In order to start growing strawberries using tires, place the rubber tire in the desired location in your yard. Choose an area that receives a good amount of sun.

You will then need to fill three quarters of the bottom of the tire with plastic bottles. This helps to create drainage, filler and base for the strawberries.

Cover the plastic bottles with a landscaping film or trash bag in order to have a liner for the dirt or soil. Fill the tire up with enough soil so that it fills up to the rim of the tire.

Plant the strawberries in the soil by digging holes 3 inches deep and 3 inches apart. Growing strawberries using tires is no different from any other garden planter.

Growing strawberries using tires is actually much safer than using treated lumber. The zinc that can be found in old tires is an essential plant element. Tires are also incredibly durable, meaning that they will never rot away or disintegrate. Your tire strawberry planter will look great and last for many years to come!


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